Martak Canada Ltd

183 McNamara Drive

Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada

A1L 0A7

Noel Sheehan

Operations Manager

t   709 747-7001

f   709 747-7002

The Best Brands...

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Industrial Sales

Custom Fabricated
Stainless Steel Parts

BJ Gears/NG
Metric Bearings


Wheels & Casters

Sheets of Teflon
& Door Curtain

No Pic

Crab Brushes
& Spray Nozzles

Metric &
Standard Motors

Stainless Steel Adjusting
& Articulating Feet


Please call 709 747-7001,
drop in at 182 McNamara Drive or
email for any inquiries!


Much, much more...

About Us

Martak Canada Ltd provides the very best in food processing sales, service and maintenance to the Canadian marketplace. We are pleased to offer SCANBELT products and now provide CNC capabilities. We look forward to serving you!

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